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Vietnam and its minorities, Vietnam and its neighbors – Are there historical lessons for the 21st century?

Abstract from Dr. Christine Bonnin:
An Exploration into the Everyday Politics of ‘Food Security’ Regimes in Upland Northern Vietnam

Abstract from Pascal Bourdeaux:
Aperçu d’un siècle de protestantisme d’expression française en péninsule indochinoise.
Une source si anecdotique dans la formation d’une religion minoritaire au Vietnam?

Overview of 20th Century French-speaking Protestantism in the Indochinese Peninsula.
Such an anecdotal root in the founding of a minority religion in Vietnam?

Abstract from Michael Dickhardt:
Multiple Religious Forms and Place in Vietnam: Perspectives for a Cultural Anthropological Research

Abstract from PD Dr. Kirsten Endres:
Neighborly bargains: Small-scale trade and social dynamics at the Vietnam-China border

Abstract from Prof. Dr. Thomas Engelbert:
Millenarism in Indochina’s Highlands: The Sam Bram Movement and its Consequences

Abstract from Vladimir Kolotov:
Conflict Management System in South Vietnam during the French Indochina War

Abstract from Nguyen Dang Anh Minh:
The Catholic church’s dual management in the Bahnars’ region in Kontum, Central Highland of Vietnam, 1848-1954

Abstract from Li Tana:
Epidemics, trade and local worships in Vietnam, Leizhou Peninsula, and Hainan Island

Abstract from Trân Thi Liên Claire:
Công giáo và Dân Tộc – The Vietnamese Catholic Minority and the Nation State:
the Question of National Identity and Nationalism during the 20th Century