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The South China Sea Conflict after the Arbitration of July 26, 2016: Analyses and Perspectives

Bill Hayton, Associate Fellow, Chatham House
Abstract: “History as a problem, history as a solution: could the South China Sea disputes be resolved?”

Dr. Benoît de Tréglodé, Institute de Recherche Stratégique de l’Ecole Militaire (IRSEM), Paris
Abstract: “Vietnam-China’s maritime cooperation in the Gulf of Tonkin - Ambiguities and grey area of China’s new peripheral Diplomacy”

Dr. Eva Pejsova, EU Institute of Strategic Studies
Abstract: “The EU and the South China Sea: from principled position to pragmatic action” - The South China Sea Conflict after the Arbitration of July 26, 2016: Analysis and Perspectives

Dr. Felix Heiduk, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin
Abstract: “Stabiliser or Destabiliser? Fish and the South China Sea conflict”

Dr. Gerhard Will, retired from Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin
Abstract: “China’s Reaction on the PCA Award”

Dr. Peter Kreuzer, Peace Research InstituteFrankfurt (PRIF)
Abstract: “From hostile Goliath to Partner in Development? -Philippine Changing Strategies for Dealing with China in the South China Sea and Beyond”

Dr. Rodion Ebbighausen, Deutsche Welle, Bonn
Abstract: “Reporting about a far and remote place”

Dr.Sarah Kirchberger, Institute for Security Policy (ISPK), Kiel University
Abstract: “Military-Strategic Factors Influencing China’s Maritime Behavior in the South China Sea”

Dr. Suzette V. Suarez, Universität Hamburg
Abstract: “Beyond China’s non-compliance: Prospects of enforcing the Arbitral Award of 16 July 2016 or Overcoming China’s non-compliance of the Arbitral Award of 16 July 2016”

Prof. Dr. Howard Loewen, Institute for Political Science, University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Abstract: “Geopolitics, the South China Sea conflict and Southeast Asian hedging vis-á-vis China and the USA”

Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch, Universität Rostock
Abstract: “The Maritime Silk Road and the South China Sea–Stepping Stones for China’s Regional Hegemony?”

Prof. Dr. Martin Großheim, Passau University/Germany
Abstract: “Contested Memories -Sino-Vietnamese Relations and the South China Sea in Vietnamese Commemoration”

Prof. Dr. Stein Tonnesson, Peace Research Institute, Oslo
Abstract: “The impact of international law on Sino-Vietnamese relations in the South China Sea”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Engelbert, University of Hamburg
Abstract: “Historical Patterns of Vietnam-China Border Settlements”

Prof. Dr. Vladimir N. Kolotov, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
Member of the Russian National Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP)
Abstract: “Russia and the South-China Sea Conflict”